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Are you ready for some football? Week Pro Bowl selections

I’ve been neglecting the Broncos — well, sort of. I’ve been watching the games the last few weeks (it’s not exactly a choice in this household), but I haven’t been live-blogging the games as I planned to do at the beginning of the season. Part of the problem is that live-blogging requires sitting in front of the TV keeping your eyes and mind on the game for the full 3-plus hours. That’s a long time for someone with a short attention span like me. Yes, there are a bizillion commercial breaks and time outs but just sitting there for that long is hard enough.

Also, the season has been bizarrely schizophrenic. One week the Broncos are playing well against a playoff team like Tampa Bay, and the next week they lose to Jacksonville and follow that up by getting smashed by New England. One week they beat Atlanta, another potential playoff team, and the next week the lose a not-even close game to the 3-win Raiders and follow that up by beating the Favre-led Jets in Jersey. Who are these people and why are they forgetting to eat their Wheaties every other week? Sigh.

This past Sunday, the Broncos could have clinched their division. Instead, though, the Chargers somehow scored 12 points in less than two minutes and won, keeping their hopes of blaming the season on referee Ed Hochuli, whose bad call in Week 2 is going to loom large in San Diego’s playoff elimination if it comes down to a single loss. No matter, right? The Broncos are still in Sunday if they put away the Carolina Panthers, the ones who started the pre-season darling, surely Super Bowl-bound Chargers on their lost season with a last-second touchdown in Week 1. But alas, the Broncos didn’t want to make it easy on themselves, or Hochuli, I suppose. So we’ll see what happens this weekend.

In the meantime, there is some good news to be had for Broncos fans. Receiver Brandon Marshall and quarterback Jay Cutler have made the Pro Bowl!

Isn’t Cutler single? Maybe while he’s in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl he can romance a wannabe professional surfer who moonlights as a housekeeper at his hotel and give her a pep talk about getting sacked by Warren Sapp and throwing his first good NFL pass, which is just what she needs to get a perfect 10 during the big surf competition at the end. (Yes, that is a Blue Crush reference.)

Anyway, congratulations guys! Wear sunscreen!

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