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40 things that I am, in no particular order:

  1. a mother
  2. a wife
  3. a Latina
  4. a Colombian
  5. a cat person
  6. a writer
  7. an editor
  8. a public relations professional
  9. a person who isn’t crazy about the title “public relations professional”
  10. a talker
  11. a listener 
  12. a person who reminds herself she needs to listen more
  13. a reader
  14. a book collector
  15. a TV watcher
  16. a movie watcher
  17. a Mac person
  18. a successful person
  19. a person who has failed at a lot of things I wish I hadn’t failed at
  20. a hard worker
  21. a person who sometimes phones it in
  22. a runner
  23. a person who is surprised that, looking back, high school cross-country meant a lot more than high school soccer 
  24. a former flute and clarinet player
  25. a person who wishes she hadn’t given up playing an instrument as a freshman in high school
  26. a college graduate
  27. a Davidson wildcat
  28. an English major
  29. a person with an ethnic studies concentration
  30. a holder of a master’s degree
  31. a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate
  32. a Tar Heel
  33. a Tom Wicker scholar
  34. a former journalist 
  35. a former Senate (deputy) press secretary
  36. an activist
  37. a (proud) bleeding heart liberal
  38. a person who once saw Barack Obama in the halls of the Chicago Tribune
  39. an introvert
  40. a 40-year-old 

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