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Walking and Chewing Gum

Yes, it’s been a while, a very long while, since I’ve updated this here blog. The writing itch is ever present, but the energy and time to act on it is not. And there have been some big changes happening at Words, Searched Headquarters this year that have had an effect on both for me. Specifically, pregnancy. That’s right, dear readers (hi, mom!), hubby and I are bringing yet another human into our little planet, and it turns out I can’t be pregnant and blog at the same time. Now that I am on leave from my day job, though, I have a little more time. Just how much energy I will have once the kid arrives remains a question, but I will make an effort to do a bit more writing and not to make it all about pregnancy and babies. There are certainly lots of other things to discuss.

So for those of you who have wondered whether I’ve given up on this whole endeavor, fear not. More useless ramblings coming your way soon!

Housekeeping: What’s New and What’s Coming

Loyal readers of this here blog (hi, mom!) may have noticed a few changes in the last few months. First and foremost, of course, is the look of the thing. Hubby moved the blog from its former hosting on Blogger to WordPress, which has a wide selection of templates, and this one was my favorite. I liked the chalkboard writing, although I wish the scribbles could be made meaningful somehow. I’m sure they are to someone, but not to me. I can’t even tell what they say. Does anyone even use chalkboards anymore? When I was in high school, there were still a few classrooms that used them, although most had made the move to dry erase boards. One teacher in particular had chalk-fingers all day, the Algebra II teacher, Mr. Lockhart, whose nickname was El Cid. He was great.

Anyway. The redesign also came with an address change, so now it’s simply www.wordssearched.com. You can still go to the old address, if you are so inclined, but you will just be redirected here. Also, if you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed, you should probably update that too. The move and changes initially spurred me to write a couple of times, but life took over again and I haven’t updated nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Oh, life, the things I could accomplish if you didn’t keep happening. Indeed, it was a busy and trying November, but the end of the year has brought with it hope for good things in 2011. This is the first December in quite some time that will not have the dark cloud of job- and financial security-related stress looming over it. Never has a recession felt so deeply personal to me as this one, and though the pundits may argue until they are blue in the face as to when it started and when it will really be over, hubby and I, at least, are in a good position for the first time in a long time and confident that the worst is finally over. The feeling is more than just relief. It’s an affirmation that the choices that you feared led to the low point are actually what helped dig you out of the hole.

Anyway. I’ve got several blog posts marinating and I hope to post several before the end of the year, as the holidays allow. Oscar-bait is already playing at theaters near you, for one thing, including Justin Timberlake, God help us. College basketball is back, and the Heels are better than last year, but not by much. Glee can’t decide whether it wants to be good or not, though Chris Colfer continues to be fantastic. And the Harry Potter movie franchise is ending—will we ever see such a successfully adapted book franchise ever again? For the sake of The Hunger Games, I hope so. All this and more coming to this here blog soon, life willing (see note on life’s effect on my best laid plans above).

The downs and ups of life, or why I’m going on hiatus for a while

This year didn’t start out quite like we’d hoped: The UNC Tar Heels started out ACC conference play 0-2, new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels managed to turn the one position on the team he didn’t have to worry about (quarterback) into his biggest problem and the promise that hubby and I might lose our jobs became a reality. Things managed to turn around, though: The Heels came all the way back to win the ACC regular season on their way to a National Championship, the Jay Cutler trade left the city of Denver with one less egomaniacal crybaby and I managed to find a job, thereby giving hubby time to continue devising his plot to take over the world via Internet.

This job is a big change for me. It’s a day job, for one, and offers full-time work, if not quite full-time pay. It also won’t leave a whole lot of time (or a wide editorial berth) for me to continue writing this blog. So consider this my final post for the foreseeable future. If there is some sort of sport or pop-culture happening that begs to be deconstructed, I might just have to opine. But likely it won’t be soon or often. So for now, dear readers (hi mom!), consider this goodnight, not goodbye.

Happy New Year hockey (and housekeeping)

Christmas came and went in a flash and, like the rest of 2008, is behind us. If my loyal readers (hi mom!) are wondering why I’m so behind in commenting on the usual flurry of thought-provoking crazy-making stuff that can happen at the end of the year, it’s because I’m sick. After a delightful holiday with family, my sinuses decided they wanted to stuff themselves one more time and really end the year off right. I haven’t done much of anything the last few days except sniffle and cough in between a couple of trips to the office to pad what may be my last paycheck.

I plan on getting back into my post-a-day routine on Monday, but I’m going to use the weekend for any year-end reflections on whatever topics come to mind as I try to mend.

Today, this first day of 2009, I’m bundled up on the couch and watching an outdoor hockey game at Wrigley Field between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings. I don’t follow the NHL, but I remember playing outdoor hockey as a kid in Watertown, N.Y. I wasn’t much of a skater, but nobody really was on the scratchy, uneven surface of the pond near my school and my best friend’s house, where kids would congregate on cold weekend days. Watching this particular game, I wonder why the NHL doesn’t do this more often. Months on end of cold weather is part of the formative experience of kids who grow up playing pond hockey and end up in the NHL. Why not embrace that experience? You can still check people into the bench.

Some housekeeping

Loyal readers of Words, Searched (Hi, mom!) may notice a few new features to the site if they look over to the column on your right.

You can now subscribe to Words, Searched via Atom or RSS feeds on iGoogle, MyYahoo or other such pages. I’ve encountered some kinks in trying to set up the feeds, though, so bear with me. The tech side of this blogging thing doesn’t come natural. If you have trouble with this, e-mail me. I probably won’t be able to answer your question, but I do love getting e-mail. As always, you can come to the Web site directly, at wordssearched.com, as God intended.

Also, if you scroll down further, at the bottom of the column, there is a custom search engine. We are calling it Words Searched’s Word Search, so now, if you’re reading a post here and the mood strikes to Google your name, you can!